About the Journal

Iberoamerican Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business is a scholarly journal in the field of small business and entrepreneurship studies. The journal's aim is to publish original papers, which contribute to the advancement of the field of entrepreneurship. It publishes conceptual and empirical papers mainly for the interest of scholars, consultants, academicians, and public policymakers.

The journal attracts submissions from Brazilian academics and other countries focusing upon theoretical, empirical, policy, and practitioner issues within the fields of small business and entrepreneurship. The journal's contents reflect its integrative approach - including primary research articles, discussion of current issues, and case studies. The journal is dedicated to the formulation, development, implementation, and evaluation of enterprise policy.

  Theoretical research articles and evidence-based case studies seek to explore best practices, investigate strategies for growth, and assist and inform those responsible for the management of SMEs. Papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity.

IBJESB is published by the Brazilian National Association of Studies in Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Businesses (ANEGEPE), and welcomes research papers in SMEs, Entrepreneurship and other related areas.

 The IJESB Journal accepts the following categories of articles:

 1. Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurship behavior

 2. Sustainable, cultural, social, and gender-based entrepreneurship

 3. Innovation, technology, and risk capital

 4. Public policies, entrepreneurship, and social networks

 5. Education and research in entrepreneurship

 6. International entrepreneurship

 7. Internationalization of small businesses

 8. Small business strategy and strategy

 9. Business networks, productive arrangements, and local development

 10. Financing and promotion for small businesses.