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From 2021, REGEPE assumed the commitment to accelerate the process of publication and scientific dissemination, making the accepted articles available immediately. In addition, we also leave the periodicity of publication every four months to adopt a regime of publication in a continuous flow, which means that in our summary there will no longer be the numbering of the beginning and end pages of each article, being replaced by the article ID.

After the approval of an article, it will be made available immediately in the "approved articles" section with the indication of "only abstract", while a preliminary version of the approved text is prepared to be made available in advance (early view). This version of the authors is subject to minor changes due to occasional grammatical corrections, but it is already a version that can be used and cited. At the same time, the work is sent to Copyediting, where the grammatical review will be done.

After this phase, for works that were originally submitted in Portuguese or Spanish, the author (s) are requested to have a version translated into English, based on the version already corrected and copyedited. Papers originally submitted in English go through the editorial process more quickly because they are not translated into Portuguese and Spanish (except in the case of authors who choose the opposite, being responsible for the translation into Portuguese or Spanish).

After receiving the translated version, the work is sent to the "Layout Editing" where it will be diagrammed and will receive the final formatting. Once completed, the work will be published in the first volume and number available, and will then be considered effectively published.

Since we are in transition for this new model, currently we may have some papers in different stages in which we are indicating their current status.

Published: 2021-05-03